Business, Creative, and Project Support.

With decades of experience across all aspects of the film and television industry, Ford Studios® has developed a reputation as a leading entertainment services firm. Specializing in development to distribution, project consulting, business plans, screenplay reviews, and international distribution, Ford Studios® offers award-winning expert advice to Filmmakers around the world.

Our deep understanding and detailed knowledge of the film sales and distribution landscape puts us in a unique position to help filmmakers navigate this complex area and generate positive financial returns. So, whether you need help putting together a full business plan to secure financing or are simply looking for a few hours of advice on how to best develop and market your film project, Ford Studios® has the expertise to guide you through the whole process, from “script to screen”.


Many filmmakers, directors, writers, and producers can find themselves too close to a project to effectively manage their entire business of filmmaking. Ford Studios® provides a fresh set of eyes, offering an impartial view to the creative and commercial process to make sure your project reaches its visual and financial potential.


A great screenplay is one thing, but how do you know if your film will actually mak money? As a leading sales and distribution consultant, we utilize our global market relationships to develop business plans to forecast your films sales potential depending on territory serviced, initial marketing budget as well as the genre and level of casting of the picture. An accurate strategic sales plan and forecast will help you determine the return on investment for both you and your investors and help you to budget accordingly.


For many Filmmakers, you only get one opportunity to impress a producer, director, studio executive, or investor. Is your screenplay up to the standard they require? Luckily for you, our team of experienced readers, screenwriters, and producers specialize in film screenplay consulting for all budgets and markets. Whether you’re writing a sitcom series for television or a micro-budget slasher film for a VOD horror channel, we have a team that will review and provide detailed feedback on your screenplay, along with thoughts on storyline, casting, budget and marketing, all with the picture’s intended platform in mind.


Ford Studios® film distribution process is much different than the typical system you may be used to. This is because our services is based around the actual value an actor or actress can bring to a project, and the ability to progression scale a release theatrically. This allows the producers and financiers to better determine what the “Return on Investment” may be and whether a project will be financially viable. Our global distribution and sales network and film acquisition contacts, allows us access to some of the most lucrative and profitable markets around the world.


We’re growing by the day and are always interested in talking with new Filmmakers about projects and ideas. If you have a question about our services, an idea you want to pitch, or are interested in collaborating with Ford Studios®, we’d love to hear from you. Simply fill out the form below and someone on our team will be in touch. Thank you!