We offer our International Filmmaking Students the opportunity to improve their Business English vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills to write filmmaking business plans.

Ford Studios® provides customized entertainment business conversation practice, correspondence advice, and presentation skills to Foreign Student Filmmakers looking to improve on their Business English skills to write business plans. Our main focus during Business English training is to help participants improve a full range of communication abilities in order to function more effectively at work. Our focus is on clients who have at least an intermediate level of English, with a minimum of two years of formal language study.


It is important to have a strong English language confidence in order to perform well in international meetings, conference calls, and networking activities both professionally and socially. As a native speaker of Business English and Business Professional, Marc Ford is qualified to help you practice and improve your conversational proficiency. Our sessions are customized to your needs and can be designed for one participant or a small group. Topics are fully tailored to address your everyday business English language needs based on your job-specific language and vocabulary.


Effectively communicating your message through email, marketing collateral, and reports is crucial to success in a global marketplace. What to say, and more importantly how you say it, can make all the difference in the tone and perception of your message. Bring your written content to a native speaker of American Business English and Business Professional for advice on crafting a compelling document. Please note that Ford Studios® also offers proofreading services and guidance on developing the clarity of your content.


When presenting in front of those who matter to you and your company, it is important to be prepared, engaging and persuasive. Soliciting advice from a native speaker of American Business English with extensive experience and expertise in International Business can be fundamental to achieving a quality performance. Come to Ford Studios® with your content and we can help you develop the language and techniques to execute a professional presentation.


Our Private Business English Coaching is open to any Filmmaker formally attached to a full-length fiction or documentary feature film with a completed screenplay, and is looking to write a business plan. Applicants must control the rights to the project with which they apply. Projects do not need financing in place at the time of application. However, each application must demonstrate serious attention to the film’s budget and articulate the reasoning behind the budget level. Producing partners are welcome to apply as teams and need only submit a single application. International applicants are welcome to apply.


Applicants must submit a letter with the following information included for consideration:

  • Execute and Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Explaining your overall interest in receiving Private Coaching (500 words max)
  • Logline and synopsis of the project
  • Team bios and attached talent
  • Project status and history (500 words max)
  • Budget top sheet and finance plan


Private: Online, Zoom
Real-time video-conference
Cost: €50 / Per Hour Session

Private: Lisbon, Portugal
In-person lab
Cost: €50 / Per Hour Session


Tipstor® Network Membership is free when enrolling in our Private Coaching program.

Applicants who are accepted to participate in the Private Coaching program should plan to be available in Lisbon or via Zoom for the duration of the five (5) phases of the “Green Light” Project Management program. Ford Studios® is unable to subsidize any travel, lodging and/or visa expenses for any participants attending from outside of Lisbon. Participants are expected to attend all sessions.

This program will help you understand the process of the Lifecycle Management in the film business, from script to screen, so that your next film is a raging success for the audience and your bank account

NOTE: Until further notice, all Ford Studios® Business ESL services will be held virtually, via Zoom.