As your Private Coach, we will teach Student Filmmakers the five (5) core habitual Project Management patterns and create space for a new way of filmmaking. Our compassion, intuitive curiosity, and direct style allows you to open up quickly and jump immediately into deep, transformative work.

Structure is the key to successful storytelling. Thousands of filmmakers, studio executives, producers, government agencies, directors, and screenwriters have turned to Marc Ford to cut to the core of what works and what doesn’t in developing a commercial film project aimed for global distribution. By identifying this, Student Filmmakers will focus on what makes their individual voice and story unique, but still profitable. Student Filmmakers can work directly with Marc to get a film project distribution-ready. Having a deep understanding of the various stages of a film project lifecycle is important when it comes to developing new projects and a healthy return on investment. Knowing the stages helps in computing the feasibility and viability of a project. Our “Green Light” formula for success on a film project is Marc Ford’s speciality.


Some studios spend millions on multiple story rewrites, and still end up with flops at the box office. These projects were doomed before filming because they did not use our “Green Light” formula for commercial success. Others hire us to get the story correct, right from the start. Doesn’t matter if the budget is $100 million or $100 thousand. Even brilliant writers and savvy producers often end up with a story that doesn’t quite feel right for a global audience. We work with some of the greatest talents in entertainment to make sure their concepts come out the way they and audiences want them.


You have a full length screenplay and you’re ready to make a film. You may even have a commitment of funds in place to produce your film. But it can be difficult to know whether your story is both commercial and creative enough for distribution and a global audience. That’s when you need an outside “Green Light” perspective. And you might as well get it from us, a renowned, award-winning Hollywood commercial story expert.


Marc Ford invented the Tipstor® technique to illustrate story structure essentials for commercial filmmaking success. In 2011, he turned those techniques into a game changing work–a standout in the crowded field of film business ebooks – “Make It, Sell It”. Since then, we have created customized, shared learning experiences designed to empower you. We regularly leverage our commercial storytelling expertise to facilitate dynamic and engaging exercises rooted in the teachings of these techniques and formulas. Student Filmmakers bring real creative issues to solve together and drive meaningful results.



Applicants must submit a letter with the following information included for consideration:

  • Execute and Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Explaining your overall interest in receiving Private Coaching (500 words max)
  • Logline and synopsis of the project
  • Team bios and attached talent
  • Project status and history (500 words max)
  • Budget top sheet and finance plan


Private: Online, Zoom
Real-time video-conference
Cost: €100 / Per 2-Hour Session

Private: Lisbon, Portugal
In-person lab
Cost: €100 / Per 2-Hour Session


Tipstor® Network Membership is free when enrolling in our Private Coaching program.

Applicants who are accepted to participate in the Private Coaching program should plan to be available in Lisbon or via Zoom for the duration of the five (5) phases of the “Green Light” Project Management program. Ford Studios® is unable to subsidize any travel, lodging and/or visa expenses for any participants attending from outside of Lisbon. Participants are expected to attend all sessions.

This program will help you understand the process of the Lifecycle Management in the film business, from script to screen, so that your next film is a raging success for the audience and your bank account