Ford Studios®, a division of Tipstor®, is an award-winning, international incubator and career advancement center dedicated to helping Companies and Individuals succeed in the “businesses of filmmaking”. Our philosophy of practical instruction has helped numerous Filmmakers commercially express their unique artistic voice. Through our hands-on approach, our Students develop the business plan skills needed to bring their stories to audiences everywhere. The Ford Studios® premier entertainment and media academy offers a MasterClass and several intensive Workshops covering the topics of distribution, finance, investments, marketing, legal coverage. Programs are offered online and in-person in the U.S., Asia, and Europe.


Our mission is to illuminate the path to profitability in filmmaking, bridging the gap between artistic vision and financial success.  We are driven by a steadfast commitment to empower Filmmakers with the knowledge and resources the need to navigate the complex business landscape of the film industry.


When you work with us, you get all of us. Our experienced team of successful Hollywood entertainment professionals combine their respective talents to provide clients with collective, forward-thinking consultation and superior service no matter how big or small the project. Our facilities focus on developing exceptional business plans for your film projects. Our talented experts are highly motivated and committed to your success, ensuring that no challenge is too daunting. Our professionals are chosen for their creativity, knowledge, and experience in their specialist field.


Our classroom, studios, and on-set work environments are open and flexible to optimize productivity and collaboration. We may rarely share a workplace but our mutual passion for all things creative bonds us far beyond the expectations of a traditional academy environment. We will always evolve, but our basic principles of financially-disciplined opportunism will never change. Today we operate several industry innovative platforms. The Company is headquartered in Los Angeles and has business operations and satellite portals in Asia and Europe.


  • Inclusive: We value diversity, cultural competency & equity.
  • Supportive: We value non-judgmental & safe spaces.
  • Creative: We value curiosity & originality.
  • Credible: We value accurate & trustworthy information.
  • Intentional: We value patience, persistence & purpose. 


We put our talent in direct contact with clients to assess their needs and deliver intelligent solutions. The results have led to a personalized and streamlined experience for all parties involved which, in turn, has increased client satisfaction. Whether you are a filmmaker who needs help bringing your vision to life or a large media conglomerate requiring proven expertise, we are here to make it happen – on time – on budget.


We have a policy of not accepting unsolicited materials. Any submissions will not be read or reviewed. We may currently have, or in the future may undertake, development of projects similar to any submissions received. Please be advised that we have no obligation to you for use of literary materials containing creative elements similar to your submission.